My Last Login was in August

I am getting old. Man, is this UI ugly.

So anyway, I needed back surgery. Got the whole thing decompressed and I had to have some vertebrae fused. I feel shitloads better, which is great, and it wasn’t that bad all things considered, and while I have fallen over rather spectacularly and the surgeon said I probably shouldn’t do that, I can walk around and sort of bend now with no pain. That is, except for where they cut me up… and also occasionally nerves decide to freak all the fuck out and my legs feel like they’re full of helium or fuzz, but as far as regrets, I have not one.

Today is election day in this weird ass country and someone is going to fuck it up. I don’t whether that means that some asshat like Dr. Oz or Herschel Walker or the incumbent governors of Texas, Florida and Georgia will remain in place, or if New Hampshire is going to do something fucking dumb as shit (don’t put it past them) and put the weird gym teacher election denier in office in lieu of Maggie Hassan, who at least seems like she fucking tries. It’s got to be hard when you’re working with goddamn morons though.

Let me tell you how I really feel…

Nah, I mean, that’s unfortunately the bullshit we’re going to have happen somewhere. I just hope no one gets violent and we don’t have more harassed poll workers and all that. What is wrong with people? I mean, I swear a lot, right? I’m not going to fucking give an elderly lady working the polls a hard time because she looked vaguely inattentive for fifty goddamn seconds as she was entering whatever into the books. I’m not going to call her names or threaten to kill her pets and grandchildren and do unspeakable things to their corpses, because I’m not a piece of shit. I’d like to think more of this country, nay, this world is also not pieces of shit, but sometimes everything really sort of… tests that belief. Mightily.

I should write long form more. Twitter ruined me, and Elon Mush (oh, that was a typo and I love it) ruined Twitter and I’m fucking around on Mastodon and Counter Social, and I like Counter Social because it’s a little more walled in at the moment, and it’s like old school Twitter of fifteen years or so ago. I like anything with a category incorporating the word “firehose” though.

I should try to keep up doing this, really. It helps to not hurt, even though I am sitting here writing and not walking. It just helps.

If you’re a US citizen today, vote. And look, you don’t have to love the person you’re voting for, just fucking make sure they aren’t a fascist. Thanks.