My Last Login Was March 10th

Oh my god WordPress has changed everything and I feel like an old motherfucker.

I really should do this more, everyone. It’s weird because it’s not like I do anything, but on the other hand, I have to sit here and write and honestly the whole damn world is on fire. If anyone sees this, you’ll probably feel the same even if it is months from now. It’s not like anything is being used to put it out. Lighter fluid. Lighter fluid maybe.

I have been getting epidural shots and doing lots of physical therapy, but I still can’t get more than two tenths of a mile away before I get static and weird numb shocks down my legs and they get all wobbly and it fucking blows. I mean, the shots and physical therapy have helped a shitload, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like… this ain’t workin’. And honestly, I sit here and I see how hard it is to get like… just normal shit prescribed because everyone is all afraid the huddled masses are all gonna start snorting Fisherman’s Friend or some bullshit, and I kind of want to look into getting the problem fixed longer term before I’m expected to do it without anesthesia because…

I feel like that’s probably hyperbole and over-reactionary, but it’s not like I’ve been far off from the truth with other shit, so fuck it. I see a surgeon (or two, depending. I don’t know how the spondolysissthsthehsehthees will complicate any decompression. I know it’s not a severe case in my case, but since it’s causing problems, is present, and I’m bendy as fuck, it might mean I get some hardware and hopefully ethically sourced corpse paste adhesive put in as well. My understanding is that’s standard, but you know…)

I’d like to go for a walk again. I’d like to go hold signs outside Drag Queen story hours telling the lousy faschy guys with their faschy haircuts to go home because asshole men such as they are trash.

Until then….