Please Don’t Think I Am Better At This

I am actually back here writing. I want to express my joy that New Hampshire did the right thing and my surprise that all of the areas of the country that possibly could did pretty much the right thing on election day. The right thing, by the way, is don’t vote for motherfucking fascists, for fuck’s sake. It is apparently harder than it looks, though, because it shouldn’t need saying.

Not saying that anything is over… good god, it ain’t over. I think maybe the upside is there are a lot of smart kids and their dumbass parents (some of which I am certain I went to school with, or at least could have) are not having as much of an influence over them as perhaps they could. And that’s a good thing. I think that many realize it and feel it acutely. And I know why Florida and Texas and Georgia and Ohio to a certain extent went the way they went, and I’m not going to say it was rigged, because it wasn’t. There has been a long game being played with districts and money and gerrymandering and it’s basically holding a whole lot of people hostage. It wasn’t rigged, but it was some horrific old school voter suppression and I am afraid it is going to get uglier. We let it get this ugly.

That’s why I had my back fixed too. I want my hand to hurt from punching a Nazi, not my legs for merely standing up.

I am still not sure how we actually fix this, and fuck, there’s no way I actually can see this being fixed in my lifetime (I am feeling old as fuck). And I don’t see the earth not being a giant ball of flames in a few years at the rate we’re just being assholes burning shit up (she says as she sits at her computer) but I think it sure could be really goddamn advantageous for us to try to make this better. All of it. Because it is all connected.

But at least this election cycle, it is pretty clear that all is not lost, and that’s a win.