What are you DOING, Woman?

Why is this site different every time I check in? I don’t know. Why do you only check in every six months? Because I only update every eight?

Probably. Fair enough.

So I switched hosting providers. It’s a long story, and it’s not an interesting story, and it was kind of a bummer, except that GoDaddy has had a little bit of a redemption story the past few years so I was at least okay saying “Fuck it” and switching over there from my old host. They were cheap, my old host. At one point, it was a good deal, but honestly it just became like the Spirit Airlines of hosts and more shit was stripped away (and no term updates that I could find) and it was just not working out. Mostly the email was pissing me off, but also some of the security updates were… not ever going to happen. Couldn’t blame them, as it was, honest to pete, dirt fuckin’ cheap. And when I had to contact customer support… which was most of the time when I had to do something vaguely routine that wasn’t cpanel-tastic at the most basic level… they were very, very good, nice and helpful. But it wasn’t ever stuff I should have had to do that over.

So I just vomited up a template here and didn’t migrate shit, because I am a lazy ass. And maybe I will be better about updating here, but I might just be doing a lot of wishful thinking.

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