Dear America Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell Little Thoughts

Why Is Everything So Stupid and Hard?

It shouldn’t be, but it is.

So in case you fell into a coma and missed the past couple weeks(?) days(?) (who the fuck knows, and given the fact that hospitals are overfull with coronavirus patients in areas and shit, I don’t rule out that, hell, maybe you were)… the inauguration was lovely. A young poet named Amanda Gorman won it. What an absolutely blow you away fucking full of beauty and life and hurt and triumph that poem was. I write poetry (I wrote poetry? I haven’t in a while. I think it mirrors how my brain thinks and I can actually use less swear words writing it. Think of the cursing as some kind of meter break or something. I don’t fucking know. I was pretty decent with poetry. I was not nearly as decent as Ms. Gorman. Really, President Biden should have gotten up to give his speech and been like, “Nah, I’m going to let Ms. Gorman do this for me because she says what I am poking around so much better.”)

Anyway, that was really nice. Nothing else is. No… That’s not true. Dr. Fauci laughs again. He is free to say what is science and real, and doesn’t have to dance around dire news. He looks ten years younger. It was funny because when Gary Cohn quit after Charlottesville (too long after to make me feel like he isn’t massive pissant anyway, but to his credit, he did.) I happened to see him six months later doing something else and I was like… wait, is that the same guy? Really? That’s the same guy? Holy shit.

But the GOP is all like “Oh, a call for unity, oh, Joe Biden called us racists and liars, how can we unify?” and it’s like, bitch, you incited a mob to come and kill lawmakers. It was fucking planned by some of you. Capitol police keep killing themselves, and you all are just trying to act as if it were no big deal. How the hell do you not think that mob wasn’t going to come for you? How do you think they were going to discriminate once they got going? I mean, yeah, they were going to grab the high profile, the brown, and the women first, but then? That wasn’t one unified mob, that was a shitload of mobs.

Unity means you sit the fuck down and cut out the cancer and the margins and bleed what you need and then we pick up, look at what’s there, and rebuild. Because it is so, so so so so broken.

These are thoughts that fuck around in my head twenty four seven. I do not understand how you move on from this without a huge motherfucking reckoning. And there apparently are a lot of Republicans okay with doing this. And… who are they? What are they? (shrill) What the fuck are they?

On the up side, Biden has gone to town undoing some stuff that was pretty horrific. Getting an actual plan for covid vaccine distribution in place, because there was none… that’s pretty decent. Still going to be a lot of unnecessary death. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, going and extending some relief packages on student loans and shit (they should just cancel most of those loans. Those were a lot of filthy shit). There’s some court battles about his moratorium on deportation, and truthfully that’s a thing where we could have always, always handled so much better and more humanely even fifteen years back and we didn’t, so while I hope shit gets better and easier and faster and the DACA recipients get a path to citizenship because it is madness what those poor people have been through… I’m not wicked hopeful that it will be fast enough or even enough to help many people stuck now. I have to admit he is going bigger and bolder than I figured he would, and that’s… nice.

Also, Biden is a human being. He has emotions and isn’t a giant dickhead and it totally helps. It’s just there’s this malignancy in the Congress and I hope it doesn’t… go where it could. I hope it isn’t ignored. I hope it isn’t fed.

I don’t know how, or how deep it all goes, or what it would take. I hope the band aid comes off fast and we do the hurty stuff now so that no one hurts later. But I…

I don’t know. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with some of you, America. Sorry. Don’t want to be harsh, but some of you are totally fucked up and afraid of everything. Please. Don’t let the people telling you to be afraid make you afraid. It’s a trap. For real.