Big Thoughts Dear America

Things I Learned From Watching the Second Impeachment

…and over the last ten days or so. A decent quarter of the country is absolutely fucking nuts, and more than that has been far too quiet about it.

I learned that Louie Gohmert, Representative from somewhere in Texas (where I can only imagine Louie Gohmert lives all by himself because I can not believe anyone would vote or lobby or give cash to have their ideas pushed in Washington to someone this fucking stupid ) learned about how the impeachment proceedings should work by watching the History Channel. And, uh… The more I think about it, it explains so goddamn much about him. The History Channel, where the H at the bottom of the screen for a period of about twenty five or thirty years seemed to stand for “Hitler Channel,” because there were always programs about Nazis, presented increasingly in a way to suggest that while Nazis are bad, okay, they also had a sense of style and panache and way of looking outside the box… which then led to a lot of shows about Masons and Knights Templar and then fucking Ancient Aliens… 

…which explains so much about Louie Gohmert, and indeed, so much about why the various players in this (flails arms about) insurrection or movement or clusterfuck of fuckwads or group domestic terror attack by various groups of domestic terrorists are how they are.

But it wasn’t aliens. I’m not saying it was aliens. It was morons.

Maybe more helpful analysis: It was generation after generation of people with an increasingly knee capped ability to discern misinformation or disinformation (which are different, and to be fair, can be brutal to recognize.) That’s across all income and education levels, coupled with technological advances and changes in how society communicates and operates that came so fast that honestly, it is understandable how people — even good, smart, reasonable ones — can fall down rabbit holes. That’s the quiet part of the American people looking on horrified, more or less, right now. It’s good to realize, acknowledge, and change that. Dust off, read up, make noise. Please.

The twenty five percent or so who are onboard with this are… Louie Gohmerts. They are what’s her face in Georgia, the white lady that sucks… Greene. That newly elected dude in a wheelchair whose name sounds like a dating service for douchebag guys wanting to meet hot chicks into automatic weapons like that weirdo from Colorado who is so brave she needs to bring her firearm to DC to protect her constituents, which is just fucking mental. And I understand that’s not a term I should be using, and I say it as someone with formal diagnoses, but there’s a whole lot of just not right mixed with, I am afraid, a strong base of fundamentally broken and I am not sure what you do about that.

I mean it’s fear – it feeds off fear – this ignorance. But there is such pride in the ignorancethat it’s absolutely mind boggling. I’m from Boston. In motor vehicles, we use our horns and one finger in particular to communicate, and we don’t use our blinkers. We take pride in that. I don’t know why, because it seriously is hellish on the roads here, and hellish to cross the street and hellish to ride a bike, but fuck it, it’s who we are. We will own being proud of driving like complete and total motherfucking dumbshits.

But I don’t think they will admit to pride in their ignorance. They won’t admit to the validity of the election, so I mean… Right?

The office and title will transfer to Joe Biden on the 20th, thank fucking Christ. I’d say that if the office and title transferred to a pair of dirty jorts, if we are going to be honest. But I don’t know what the hell is going to become of the loose, sundry fuckwads. I imagine some will go back to watching the History Channel, which is what… those Oak Island guys and Pawn Stars now or what? But that’s not ideal. Some will keep going down that rabbit hole, and some are already so far down they won’t stop. And some are straight up white nationalist groups just waiting for their chance to swallow what they want and what they can get from the first two varieties of fuckwads and stoke that fear and ignorance and… that’s what concerns me.