Big Thoughts Dear America

There Goes the Grand Experiment

No, seriously. It’s like the Democrats think they have this magical power where they say “The president needs to be removed” and he’ll just go, but he doesn’t, because they don’t have that power. But whenever the fucking asshole orange man says “Oh, fake news, fraud, let’s fight this out in Washington on this random date” a bunch of entitled morons playing at being mountaineers and lumberjacks and Vikings and vacant Fox News anchorwomen show up and storm the Capitol. And people die. And it becomes clear someone brought pipe bombs (I mistyped that and it said someone brought pie, which would have been fucking stellar in comparison, but still) and zip ties with likely a plan for hostage taking and god only fucking knows what. And Capitol Police are woefully either unprepared or partially in on it… It looks like both, though unprepared is probably a larger part. I think maybe that makes me feel better?

Not really. Never mind.

And so the Democrats are still sticking to the somewhat more traditional means of things and honestly, sometimes rules need to be broken, and I don’t think this country has that many rules as it is, it is all fucking honor.  It’s taken way too long for otherwise reasonable people to realize there is no fucking honor anywhere here. The Vice President is a piece of hypocritical chalky cat turd and he won’t invoke the 25th Amendment even though it’s obviously cruel as hell to everyone, even the nasty sick old man, to make us go through this… And eleven days with the hypocritical chalky turd who is probably a little more likely to not end us all in the time remaining in this term would be preferable. He’d need to get a portion of the Cabinet on board, but the Cabinet is all bailing out because suddenly the orange douchebag’s rhetoric is problematic and causing unrest.

You fucking think? Unrest? That was four years ago. Now it’s fucking chaos, and it’s your dude’s dudes.

It annoys me that more fucking insurgents weren’t shot with non lethal shit at least (and it really annoys me that they got in at all.) It annoys me that they were insurgents and they had nothing to do this about. Their fucking grievance is not a thing. It isn’t. For a bunch of people who responded to people’s gripes about the orange guy’s rhetoric with “Get over it, you lost!” for four years, they can’t seem to get past that they lost, and they can try again. Because they are fucking white people. They are not working class. Maybe some, but it was bullshit. They were legislators from other states. They were the sons and daughters of lawyers and judges. They were lawyers. They have absolutely nothing to fucking cry about. Absolutely nothing. There are people who believe the fucking lies and conspiracies and that seems… well, kind of unbelievable because holy shit… but they do. Okay, and I… I feel for that. I guess. And those people aren’t working class or middle class or whatever the fuck that even means… Manipulation like that is just a… thing people can be susceptible to. I don’t know how you deal with that. I do feel badly for those people. But there’s plenty of people in there who are playing at this the same way people watch pro wrestling… They know the story lines are cheesy and not real and completely surreal, but the action is playing out right there and they have stakes and their guys and shit and it’s set up so no one gets immediately hurt.

No one, obviously, except for the black and brown people, first and foremost. No need to say that as soon as they were on the lawn that the cops would have fired on them if they were Black Lives Matter protestors (hell, we’ve seen them manhandle people in wheelchairs who were protesting peacefully, literally. Just sitting there, telling Mitch McConnell he is a piece of shit. Because Mitch McConnell is shit.) And protesting is not an insurrection. Saying please don’t kill me for existing is not something you should fire on a crowd for… Jesus Christ.

Scaling the fucking walls of the Capitol, breaking the windows in, and breaking into the House Chamber to take hostages, maybe? Yeah, no, fuck that shit. Those fuckers…

I hate this. I hate that I don’t think they’re going to stop being polite enough that the point can be made that you can just not kill people for being darker complexioned, thanks and nobody is taking your stuff. And when they say that you got your stuff through privilege, yeah, you did. So did I. Don’t get butthurt. No one is saying that you didn’t work for it.

But if you are white, you can scale the walls of the Capitol, break the fucking windows in, sit at everyone’s desk, break shit, throw shit around, and toss fire extinguishers at the officers that do try to stop you, thereby fatally injuring them, and the president of the fucking country will tell you he loves you. And that is fucked up. That is wrong. He is fucking wrong, and you are wrong.  And you will not be shot dead on sight when you do this, of course. You will be long gone, and if they do catch your ass, and I sure fucking hope they do, you will get a fair trial.

And… a lot of what the folks that did the worst damage in the Capitol, by the looks of it… a lot of them take that for granted, because they are white nationalists. A lot of them take for granted they get a trial but Philando Castile gets shot for doing exactly what they tell you to do in gun training if you get pulled over (and he was in a state where he didn’t have to tell the officer… but of course he did, because it still would have come to this. Because it does. Too often.) And they’re fine with that because they truly feel like they are simultaneously superior to, but also have everything to lose because of… race.

They stormed the Capitol because it is always, always, only about them.

I wish…. I think it’s okay to bend rules right now. Not “let’s fucking commit treason!” type rule bending, but look, if the Cabinet is gone because the guy is bugnuts and the people on the ground running shit day to day say “This man is totally fucked…” then Congress should find the least traumatic way of getting that man, and his followers, and the rest of the country, and the rest of the world, to the safest place possible, fast, fuck Robert’s Rules of Order. (Professor Smith, where ever you are, I am sorry I am saying that… but I think you’d understand.)