Dear America Little Thoughts

Quick Note, World

Yesterday there was an attempted coup and a bunch of asshats stormed the Capitol and the fucking cops were apparently in on it and a few people died and I frankly don’t give a shit about them because they stormed the Capitol in order to overthrow election results. Not fraudulent election results. Actual fucking election results.

There were Secret Service dudes shooting at people from the fucking Senate floor. It was fucked in the “this has to be a movie” way that 9/11 was fucked.

More later from me. Maybe. Who knows. What’s weird is this morning I got up, walked the dog while feeling completely angry and wanting to decapitate like fucking everyone, but I waved to some people and said good morning and we all pretended it was normal and everything was like it always was. And it’s fucking weird because today I will put on socks like I always do. But yesterday, a thousand fucking grubby ass white supremacists stormed the Capitol with the help of the Capitol police, from how it looks, at the encouragement of the fucking orange madman and 9/11’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, who for some reason is still… Is still.

Fuck this shit, my friends. Fuck this shit.