Dear America Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell

I Spend Lots of Time Really Mad

Okay, and maybe that’s not healthy. And it’s not the elegant righteous anger… Scratch that. It’s righteous, motherfucker. It is righteous anger. It’s not the sort of elegant righteous anger that, say, James Baldwin had powering his writing. And I don’t know as he would call it elegant either. I’m sure he was just fucking bullshit. He had […]

Dear America

So Yikes, America

On the one hand, I agree totally that wearing a mask sucks monkey balls. I have a big head, but my face is kinda small and positioned on it in such a way that my ears don’t hold masks and my eye glasses in place without one (or both) falling to the floor if I […]

Little Thoughts

Exercising the Muscle Memory

I keep forgetting to do this, so I’m checking in to write something. I think, you know. I think a lot of shit, all day long, but then I need to think to sit and write it, or just to actually come here and do this when I am on the computer and not fuck […]