Dear America

We Are Met Here on a Great Battlefield of That War

When I was in fifth (fourth?) grade we had to memorize the Gettysburg Address. Now I am forty seven years old and I can still recite most of it with very little prompting. I think it was the Hay version we learned. I mean, they’re all essentially the same, it’s just how fast a motherfucker could write it all down as it fell from Lincoln’s notes and pie hole.

Pie hole. I am so fucking disrespectful. Lincoln loved kittens and fart jokes and endured some real, real, deep bullshit. You can’t tell me he couldn’t roll with “pie hole.”

So here’s the thing, though. People have said (and by people, I mean various camps… aides to the orange shit, supporters of the orange shit, non-supporters of the orange shit in the media, in political science, in the fucking 7-11 parking lot… indeed, where ever speaking people are found) that if the orange guy didn’t win we’d find ourselves in a civil war (and who the hell know if there will be history ever and if anyone will ever see this: For the record, he most definitely did not win, but the stupid thing is a shit ton of senators are afraid to say it because they’re afraid of the losing the Senate too… Truthfully, the whole of them have acted so shamefully I think at the very least they all should… I don’t know. Get some time, unpaid, to sit alone in a corner and think about what they’ve done. I kinda feel like Corey Booker already does that. Hehehehe. I don’t know what it is about him. He reminds me of one of those toys with the magnet shavings that you use a magnet pen to put facial hair on him. He seems like a decent enough guy, but fuck it, we’ve all made some horrible mistakes we need to work through.)

Here’s the thing: We’re already there. We’ve been there, here, we are met on a great battlefield of that war. It’s not like the last time, of course. States are not seriously considering seceding from the union (or succeeding from it, either. Fucking morons.) But it really doesn’t matter much, does it? I mean, good for you, America, seriously, because there was damn good turnout and the election was pretty damn secure (indeed, you have to break my fucking heart even still). So it would seem that we’re not disengaged, right? And seventy some odd million of you voted for that orange fucking turd. And I know, okay, I know that maybe… I don’t know, you think socialism is like people taking your shit and giving it to everyone else… well… I mean, it can be, but generally speaking, everyone knows that doesn’t work.  Part of why the majority of Europe is dealing better with the pandemic than we are is the science denial-fu is not quite as mainstream (I mean, for fuck’s sake, America) and also because people can stay home and minimize exposure because they actually have some sort of cash flow coming in. And socialized medicine. If you were lucky, here, you got $1200, once, grudgingly, from some old men. If you voted for the orange guy because “economy!”, you almost certainly did vote against your own self interest, plus you told the majority of the country that you didn’t care about the fact that this was honest to god a vote people’s lives, their existence, their humanity, depended on.

So let’s say that a third of those people, maybe, didn’t necessarily think of it in those terms. I don’t know if that’s… accurate, really. Maybe it’s less than a million. Maybe they were all down with the racist, homophobic, xenophobic agenda. Regardless, that’s a lot of people who are really fucked up, everyone.

I mean, what I’m saying is, I don’t know that we aren’t fighting a battle every day. Maybe not obviously, but I think we have a rapidly warming civil war. The question is, how committed are we to the people to the people? To ourselves? We can’t agree that we don’t want to be shitheads, now, I guess?  I don’t know. I still feel like this is going to get really ugly, but fuck all if I know how.