Dear America Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell

Oh Come ON

I suspect Biden will win this and there will be much pissing and moaning ultimately and tons of litigation because that’s all the fucking orange piece of shit ever does, but for the love of fucking Christ, a lot of you motherfuckers are just fucking fascists. No, I am not fucking sorry at all, if you voted for the guy, the racism doesn’t bother you, the xenophobia doesn’t bother you, the law only applying to some but not others doesn’t bother you… I do not give two shits what your reason for going with that guy was. You’re an asshole who has to sit there and think about maybe what the hell is going on here before you rejoin polite society.

I was thrown in Twitter jail last night for saying basically the same thing, only inserting the word “cunt” here and there, but I don’t imagine that… well, maybe Twitter does consider cunts a disability and maybe they do think assholes are a protected class… but I stand by it, for fuck’s sake.

But you know we are not going back to anything resembling… I don’t know. Who were we anyway? Once we get some shit in order, we better figure out who we are now, eh?