Dear America Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell

If You Haven’t, and Can, Do It

Go vote, America. I don’t like either guy much either, but one is a human being with flaws and the other is an evil sentient narcissistic nectarine who is hell bent on killing us all, and who at the very least doesn’t give a shit about you.

I get you if it doesn’t feel like progress is being made fast enough, because you are one hundred motherfucking percent correct, but the fact is burning it all down in theory is great, and in practice is fucking horrible. Does like… damn near everything need to change significantly? Yes. I am an old(er) white broad and I believe this. But if we get a tumble like you do when you reset a Boggle game, those building blocks are gone and we might not get “equality,” or even “lit.” We might get “eq.”  (Fuck, is that Boggle or Yahtzee? I don’t fucking know. I have no attention span and I fucking hate board games that have versions you can use in the backseat of the car. They induce vomiting. For real.) And at the end of the day, martyrs are dead, kids. Everything sucks, sure, but you don’t want that.

Interruption: In other news, there is a big bird of prey flying around this morning and I just saw a spray of songbirds and shit ton of squirrels run past the window here. I can hear the swivel hook on the bird feeder spinning. That’s rad.

Truly my biggest fear, once we get past the here and now moments (if we get past them as I am hinting at) and hit, say, March, is that plenty of people will be fine with the fact that the guy in charge isn’t completely batshit and we just go back to what set us up for where we have been in the first place.

I’m having a hard time thinking getting to January isn’t going to be some terrifying shit though. We should save what’s worth saving, when it all comes down to it, folks. But it’s been made clear no one has cared about honor or tradition for a long time…

Interruption: I hear a turkey!

…so a radical rethinking of traditions might be in order.

But it is sad that we have to start with legislating honor. It’s like… why are there laws pertaining to bestiality or necrophilia? There shouldn’t need to be laws made about that sort of shit. But we have them, because we’ve had to…

Anyway, if you’re in one of those states that doesn’t let you vote early, please go do so if you can. If you haven’t voted yet in those other states, go do it. For fuck’s sake.