Little Thoughts

Calling It In

Pugs are fine. We kept having to get pee samples, but apparently the weight loss is because I thought there were about a hundred and fifty more calories per can of dog food than there actually is. I mean, I am glad they are healthy and also I can’t help but feel they bribed the vet to say this.

When we adopted Bruce he was underweight, and when we adopted the others, they were a little (to a lot) heavier than they ought to be, and I’d say now we’re in a “no one is underweight” category but honestly they would have lost a little more if we hadn’t had that pointed out, and it would have been bad. It’s rough though because pugs don’t have like… metabolisms like terriers do. And the suggested feeding amounts on the dog food… any dog food… is kind of insane. It is like they suggest a can a day for a 5 lb dog and seventeen cans a day for a 40 lb dog and I’m just like… yeah. No.

I has not the energy to wax poetic on other shit, but I feel as if I should post something today. We voted. I got a steroid injected into my hip and they must’ve really hit it or they did more or something, but it seemed to work better this time around and also I can still feel where the needle went in, which is longer than I usually can.

I have an actual in person physical with my primary care coming up before the end of the month. I should get bloodwork done ahead of time, but truthfully, I’ll be damned if I am walking into a hospital or health center just for a blood draw without an immediately attached appointment. It isn’t like she isn’t going to order extra weird shit after and I wouldn’t have to get two blood draws then, so I might as well get it all done at once and then have her call me. Then I will inevitably put off care until the ‘rona levels go down again, which is probably going to be like… when we’re all dead, at the rate things are going.

I wish it had killed the orange guy. Sorry. I mean, he should die in jail, but I know he won’t. He’s “joking” about leaving the country should he lose, but I can’t imagine North Korea or Russia or the Philippines isn’t going to result in his whole family getting knocked off. And I imagine if he tried to hide in Scotland… I mean, they have extradition laws. But tell me all the dictators he loves so won’t just knock that annoying motherfucker off?

The greatest thing about having a bird feeder is looking out the window and getting to yell, “TITS!”