Little Thoughts

A Wee Ladle

Not a small one, a big one, full of dog wee. It’s tricky to get a urine sample from a girl pug. At least her backend works so that she’s off the ground when she wees, unlike our poor GWEN!!! Manlover, who had some quickly atrophying muscles in her posterior and she generally was on the ground, weeing all over herself and creation.

So we walked the pugs this morning carrying a giant ladle and a collection cup, because Dee has lost more weight than the vet felt okay with. She’s not acting unusual and she was a tub previously and 21 pounds is not underweight for her, and truthfully I think it’s more that someone didn’t realize they had a thumb on the scale or she shifted or something at some point between here and there.

I’m just glad that she’s a good natured little thing. I can’t imagine the looks the others would give if we tried it.