Dear America Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell

Dear Rest of World

The fucking piece of shit in the Ovaltine Orifice has apparently made every one in the White House sick, and seriously fucked with DC’s infection rate… like it went up 500% because of this fucking Supreme Court nominee party had weird ass people all slobbering all over each other and hugging and shit. (Is there anyone that needs to hug a Representative from Arizona, really, at that thing? Really? I swear he was just bear hugging these random motherfuckers.)

He also decided, because he’s going to contest the election, to push this Supreme Court nominee through (if he lives that long. I’m not convinced. He looks like shit and just try getting those steroids away from him. Try. That is some heavy duty shit. It makes everyone mean and ugly. And he’s such a spoiled brat, and of course it makes you feel better and invincible). Here’s the thing, he’s withholding aid to the public, the states, the corporate sector… to be released when he wins.

And so, rest of the world, the American people are being held with a knife to our throats because of this asshole, who is clearly unwell and, well, an asshole. And now he’s extra unwell because of his COVID-19, and no one will pull the 25th Amendment emergency rope and god knows the motherfucker will not sign his power over. So I think all we can hope for is that it kills him. At the rate we are going, sooner rather than later.

Like, I don’t know if you can send help or who you’d send it to… I mean, right now, personally, everyone (and pug) in this house is okay, but there’s so much not okay out there… I don’t give a shit if the trains run on time, you know (and they don’t. We have the MBTA with seven hundred year old train cars. We’re lucky when they aren’t derailing and catching fire, are you fucking kidding me?)