Dear America Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell Little Thoughts

It Is What It Is, and Surprise! I Don’t Really Care, Do You?

Hey America,

The orange pile of shit that we elected… (I guess. Sort of. I get it, he won, and don’t get me started on Hilary fucking it up, because yes, she most definitely fucked herself over last time around, so hey. She still would have at least been competent.) The orange pile of shit we elected, anyway, is reaping what he’s sown, I guess. He has COVID 19 and I’m not… surprised. Actually, I’m bullshit because apparently he did think money and power and being a general douche bully could protect him from a virus. He certainly didn’t think it would get bad, but apparently…

Look, I bet he’s a big fucking baby when he is sick. Most people are. Some more than others, sure. But I know damn well, even though I haven’t had the virus yet, what the symptoms are like and how they make you feel and fuck fuck fuck, that’s why I get bullshit over people being careless. It’s not pleasant, and it’s probably worse if you’re a big fucking man baby who brought this shit on himself and suddenly you’re turning blue and feeling hot and cold and coughing and even reaching for the remote makes you want to sleep for a week. Not shitting you, I know these feelings. I am not exaggerating how fucking exhausting oxygen desaturation can be even when you aren’t blue. It’s a lot worse if you psych yourself up into a panic, which obviously this shithead does because now it is very personal. It’s still not his fault (it’s not ever his fault, kids. If you don’t realize this by now, I… I don’t know if there’s any help for you).

Except of course it is. That isn’t to say that he still couldn’t have contracted it if we’d done the shit the NIH and WHO and CDC recommended and hadn’t thrown out the still too vague for comfort guidelines that existed for this sort of situation, because it’s a very contagious, shitty virus. He might have even still. But it’s real, real hard to give too much of a shit about him really one way or another when we’re closing in on 210k dead fellow Americans and we have the guy in charge having parties in the Rose Garden where people are ordered to take their masks off… and now it’s like they aren’t going to have a quorum to vote on the judicial nominee they were feting there because everyone has the fucking virus.

Also, the orange shithead said that law enforcement and the military all want to hug and kiss him all the time. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with him. I have questions about a lot of people in law enforcement at the moment, but I… I don’t know if you make out with an old fuck because he’s given you free reign to kill people with a darker skin color.

I can not believe how fucking demented this whole thing is, and it’s like, we are so fucking fucked and I’m not even happy he’s ill, okay? I am bullshit any of this is a thing, America. Because we did this. We did this to ourselves.