Dear America Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell

Things I Have Learned

It’s never good to write when mad or feeling excessively emotional. Yes, sorry, your break up poetry sucks.

Everything is political at this point.

Life’s a piece of shit, when you look at it, so always look on the bright side of life. (Thank you to Pythons passed and still with us, except for Terry Gilliam. That guy can go fuck himself.)

The Dumpster Fire Burns Ever Hotter

No, seriously, by rights I should not write anything because I am so goddamn mad all the time. And I have probably not nearly the right to be as some, but motherfucker. It’s not just Republicans (or whatever the hell they are anymore), or conservatives or liberals or Democrats. For fuck’s sake, what a bunch of useless shit we have in government.

Truthfully, I see a lot of hope in people like Ayanna Pressley and Katie Porter and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez… and I love Liz Warren. (Fine, there, I said it. Sometimes I don’t love some of her supporters because I feel all “shut up, bitch” but that’s probably a me problem as opposed to a them problem. I get it. I get it, and I acknowledge I am so goddamn mad all the time.) Ed Markey took a while but hell, the dude has risen to the occasion. (I also like to say his dad was a “milkperson” because it sounds hilarious.)

Okay, obviously I lean progressive. Fine. I don’t know how that happened, I think the current motherfuckers just radicalized the living shit out of me. (That said, I like Mayor Pete. He’s a kid and a dork but fine, I like him. He seems reasonable. And he has a puggle with one eye, and I don’t care, that is a huge plus in my Mayor Pete is a decent kid column.)

I don’t doubt Joe Biden is a decent man and I think I’d probably like having him next door, you know? And Kamala Harris… I could truthfully listen to her all day. Do I agree with her? Not as much as I did Liz or Bernie, but honestly, I like her. She’s smart, no one’s going to sneak shit past her and not get called out on it. ..Like a few people running or people who have considered running… I think she is more than capable of nearly fucking anything she puts her mind to.

But fuck it, I think we’re truly done. And a lot of it, lately, was just finding there were no written rules, just codes of honor, and honestly, if one person abuses codes of honor with no rebuke or outcry or stigmatizing later, it just becomes what is done. And yet, for some reason, there are a lot of long time Democrats in Congress that are very much “we can’t let them normalize bad behavior” and it’s like, Bitches, the damage is done. It is normalized. You aren’t reining shit in. You can’t now. It got beyond the sane right and right centrists and now they’re in the fetal position in the corner screaming “LINCOLN PROJECT!” This is where we are. And you motherfuckers are wanting to adhere to the rules. They’ve pissed all over the rules. This is worst case scenario. This is fifteen goddamn Constitutional Crises in. There is a goddamn pandemic. And Chuck Schumer has some stern words and Nancy Pelosi has a sassy ass golf clap

Hi, we’re pretty fucked. Yeah, and I have other thoughts, but truthfully I probably would do better to like.. go cut some of the thorny shit that keeps poking up through the landscaping fabric and yank out some of the old carpet staples that are now fucking spikes on the stair risers that I have been meaning to do now for two years… My knuckles are a bloody mess anyway, so I guess if I whack them on shit when the vice grip (or staple, preferably) gives way, it’s not like.. a new injury. I guess.