Dear America Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell Little Thoughts

Is This Sedition?

Is it sedition if I say that Bill Barr is a sorry excuse for an Elton John impersonator but an even worse one for a human being and that I’d like to kick his smirking ass into a seventh grade science lab, where the kids can free the frogs before they go to the chloroform jar (I know that isn’t how it’s done anymore. Bill Barr doesn’t probably, so fuck him. Betsy DeVosĀ definitely has no idea) and they can pin his arms and legs down in that weird wax shit or maybe some cork board and poke his stupid ass internal organs?

Is it sedition if I say that since the polio couldn’t win and take Mitch McConnell, that the guillotine he meets should have a dull blade… but one that still cuts?

Sorry, I’m mad because these fuckers are messing around with everything. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, my oldest pug is sitting at my feet, blind as fuck, biting at bugs that are actually his motherfucking whiskers, and my aunt had a brain biopsy yesterday because she has a couple of tumors wrapping around. But Mitch McConnell, Bill Barr, the Orange Fuck, Stephen Miller and… actually, Pat fucking Robertson (how the hell is he still here? He was old fifty years ago) are still kicking around being complete shits as if nothing in the world can touch them.

Also, according to Bill Barr, everything is sedition, so… Fuck you, Attorney General. Fuck you for making me long for that little racist prick Jeff Sessions, you goddamn sonofabitch.