Dear America Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell

I Sure Am Tired of Winning

Hey, America… If you don’t think that the guy in the Oval Office is a fantastically huge pile of jaundiced dung spewed out by some cosmic sphincter that leads to a galaxy full of hepatitis C, you’re… look, if you support this fucker, I don’t know. I don’t know what you are. I don’t know what you are thinking, if you think, I don’t know. Honestly, I’m gobsmacked by it all.

I saw someone speculate that all those votes for Johnson and Weld in 2016 would go the orange guy’s way this time because, you know… Yeah, I don’t know libertarians that would do that in my daily life (and I know some. I know, right?!)

In not real life, there’s Rand Paul, and I know he didn’t fucking vote for Johnson and Weld because he’s goddamn piece of shit in his own right (Jesus, they get so fucking touchy about marijuana. Give me a stoner over a drunk any day. Any day.) And Justin Amash, who voted however he did last time (I have no idea), clearly isn’t going to vote that way. (He actually seems like a stick in the mud, but he seems like a really honorable stick in the mud, one that is fairly consistent with his values… and while I don’t agree with his values, I am totally down with the idea that he isn’t selling them out for… whatever comes next.) Hell, he decided not to run when the libertarian party seemed to go all weirdly shitshow this time around.

An aside: I love Vermin Supreme. Have run into him here and again at protests on the Common and he’s clearly a bright, creative guy. He’s also a performance artist (a real one, not a reality show version of one) and a product of Gloucester High Class of 77. Gloucester is a pretty place, but Gloucester is also very, very, very real. It is full of real fishermen. And the Gorton’s Fisherman, actually. And of too many fisherman memorials.

But anyway, I digress. The shit in the White House has already planted those seeds of doubt via fucking around with the Post Office and mail in voting. He’s already gotten 186,000 Americans killed thanks to negligent handling of this pandemic, and that’s not going to magically disappear. He’s hinting at fast tracking a vaccine because he is too fucking dumb to realize that even if there is one that works and is safe, the motherfucking vaccines don’t just magically appear and distribute and there’s a goddamn method to doing this for a goddamn reason. He called the war dead from WWI onward “losers” at various points in the last four years. I am not a veteran or a Gold Star family or anything, but I want to knock his fucking teeth out just for that.

What on earth would Donald Trump know about winning? This motherfucker has never even tried.