Dear America Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell

Living in the Past

Dear America, there’s all these people saying that if we don’t elect someone who isn’t orange and weird and who apparently, we learned last night, thinks I can protest my ass but he doesn’t talk about his ass, this is the last free election we will have (I… this dude is fucking president, and has been like this, and no one has seen fit to remove him because… they do know the rest of the world can see this, right? I mean, Putin probably has a ton of assholes just sitting around watching television and reporting all sorts of shit back to him. Besides the guy in the White House, I mean. We all know all he does is let his friends in the TV talk to him. It’s fucked beyond belief.)

I actually think it is probably a little late. I mean, we did see what happened last time. Fuck, it was so successful I’d be sitting around if I were a foreign adversary to see if we just delivered ourselves into it again this time around. And if we don’t, well, it isn’t like they probably wouldn’t be able to somewhat replicate the success they had in 2016 next time. I am desperately afraid that clinging to norms, though, should this power transition cleanly and easily to Biden, is something we’re going to have a hard time resisting, and it pretty clear we do need to¬† change some shit up drastically because shit is very, very broken. And that’s scary. Changing shit up is scary.

But look at where we are. We are fucking allowing far too many people in law enforcement or pretending they are in law enforcement use whatever damn excuse they want to shoot Black and brown people in the street. Or, now, apparently, also it’s cool to let seventeen year olds hunt communists, which is like… what the actual fuck is that even about? I mean, hello? Is it because the protesters tend to use the term “comrade” to refer to each other? Because like… that isn’t what makes someone a member of the Communist Party. Mostly, though, dear dipshit adults in America who are praising this kid because you’re old and irrelevant and trying to be edgy and it’s better to let this kid die for the fact you are all cloistered away, doing lines of coke and being racist as fuck and shitting on the working guys… you’re afraid about this. And unlike the rest of America, unlike… the vast numbers of America, whether their red MAGA hat wearing selves realize it or not… you have the most to fear, and lose.

No one wants to take your guns, or your cops, or your job. They want to not die in the street for the sin of simply walking down it while having dark skin. Because the shit that has worked against them for so long is going to start working against every one else, too, unless you sit at the (debatable) cool kids table and have mountains of cash. I don’t mean the richest guy you know cash. I mean “I watched the eclipse on top of Fort Knox and it wasn’t all that” amounts of cash.

You will never have that. I will never have that. And they’re pitting us all against each other, the Fifty States of Thunderdome, as if we aren’t all in this together. Change is hard but there is a common goal. Change can be less scary if we actually figure out what we are afraid of versus what we ought to be afraid of.

America, be suspicious of the guys telling you your neighbors are scary, okay? Please? And when those guys are gone, remember what got them there. Lift up, don’t shoot down, k?