Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell Little Thoughts

What’s the Stupidest Idea for a Blog Post Ever?

The new to me but a refurb laptop seems to have a sticky E key. And I am writing this here post mainly to see if doing an update and a reboot has fixed the issue. And it has not. My money is on there being some smootchz underneath the key that is fucking with contact, because it really is intermittent and if I get the corners, all but the top right, it seems to hit consistently and recognize the hit. I just don’t really feel like compressed airing the thing or forcing the key off quite yet to see what’s what. No nearby keys are affected. Has to be a goddamn vowel though, huh?

So yeah, I have been having a time with it. I’m still having a time with it. I am hearing it is a Lenovo thing, shit keyboards, but I don’t know. I hope not, because Paul got his Legion model because he liked the keyboard on this okay. (The keyboard on this is okay. I like feedback on keys. Shrug. Feedback in terms of feel, but also in the fucking letters turning up on the screen.) I sort of wonder if it is more my typing technique though, because my accuracy rate on that side is off anyway, and I am using my ring and middle finger more on the e key (well, and why I am using my middle finger more is obvious) but I don’t think those are always my most reliable forms of contact. It’s hard because as soon as I think about what the hell I am trying to type that way, I fuck up entirely and it’s really hard to tell if it’s me or the keyboard. It seems to be more responsive once I’ve missed it a few times and then do a series of hits on the key. Which is how they recommend you fix it, but I don’t think they mean every time a new program or event grabs focus, or wants to grab focus.