Little Thoughts

A Murder of Crows, A Grumble of Pugs, A Cluster

of fucks.

There is a lot of stuff that is going around in my head but if I were to spill it all out here right now you’d wonder how I made it downstairs this morning. I kinda wonder that too.  It’s like when I come down in the morning and realize that I turned things on, or off, or wrote stuff on things (usually inappropriate writing on appropriate things) and I don’t remember having done so. How do I do that? I wonder how anything ever gets done and…

…my god, this screen on the laptop (it is a touchscreen, to add to the beauty of it all)… I have lost all my hair and it has all found its way on to the laptop. And I can’t blow it off without spitting and for some reason I can’t touch the screen to wipe it because all sorts of hell breaks loose.

And so as much as I feel like I am all going to hell, really, it isn’t me. I have to get some teeth filled, and I think this is probably my last week that I’m doing that. I wish they’d do them all in one day. I don’t know if I brought this up before. They only want to numb one side of your mouth at a time because… chewing and stuff. But it’s sort of stupid because it’s dragging out a procedure no one wants to have done, I’m going to have to get numbed up twice (and it isn’t like it isn’t bad enough on one side anyway.) Plus, you know, I live in an area they are predicting could go all hot spotty again if we aren’t careful, and while I know for a goddamn fact that public health professionals are advising to be more careful, for fucks sake, to the government, I also know for a goddamn fact that it isn’t logic that gets shit done, it’s money and optics right now. So here we are. I am debating whether I should convince them to do them both in a day, or do the worst one, and then cancel the other appointment because above and beyond that, man, I do not fucking feel like this.

Paul has been debating cutting his hair at home this time or going to a hair dresser, knowing that this will probably be the last time he’s willing to walk into a hair dresser to even entertain the idea of a trim before spring. But I don’t think he is going to do it. That’s why I am holding off on the morning vacuuming up of pug hair. Home hair cuts always result in more of a mess than you think they will.