Big Thoughts Dear America

It’s Neither Here Nor There

Not really, for me, America. I would have voted for a pair of old gym socks and a used condom over Trump and Pence, so I’m okay with Biden and Harris. I’m not thrilled, but I wasn’t about Hillary either. Still, y’know. I would have voted for old gym socks and a used condom then, too.

I didn’t have to, though. I wonder why, specifically, traditional Republican type America, why, when saddled with the shitshow you chose last time around, why you didn’t jump ship and throw in behind Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. Face it, this was the one time ever… probably like, really, truly ever, the Libertarians put forth candidates who were, you know, capable and sort of normal. I know by rights Libertarians are not technically conservatives, but by the definition I grew up with, they are. Small government, live and let live (or, live and let die in filth and squalor, fuck you I got mine, if you’re the crappier sort of Libertarian. They aren’t all crappy sorts.)… I think they were hung up on Johnson’s sense of humor (which is… weird, but most definitely humor. It’s not like the orange guy who blathers hateful shit and then says he was joking, it’s satire, can’t you take a joke? I don’t fucking know, GOP, do you know what satire is? Leave it to professionals. You’re just assholes.) And they were definitely hung up on the willingness to legalize weed.

Can’t put brown people in prison in droves and make money off the prison system if you federally legalize weed, right? Oh. Right. It’s a gateway drug. Bullshit, it’s not like they probably weren’t all smoking it at the RNC that year. They must have been high on something.

Hell, Weld even was a Republican (or is now again, or something. I don’t know. He’s from Massachusetts, which means he’s probably more conservative than like… me. But less conservative than Reagan. He’s less Mormon than Mitt Romney? But otherwise, he’s Mitt Romney with shittier hair?) So it’s like, I don’t understand how you didn’t see this trainwreck coming, America-that-still-identifies-as-Republican, but I don’t know why you didn’t choose those two guys over the two chuckleheads we are stuck with. Would you have been jumping parties? Well, in name only, since we like to trot that around.

Because what you have now is a bunch of dead people, a bunch of walking dead people, and a whole lot of unrest. No reefer required (well, it wasn’t required to bring the pain. It is to ease it, you fucks). You have money from the evangelicals, at least, the ones who wanted to buy a legal system and fuck everything else, but then again, among those ranks are Pence and Pompeo and half the administration, you know, the administration this time around.

America, I don’t know what’s going to happen, and it’s the oddest thing because you have to keep up appearances in your way and go about life as if this whole thing isn’t completely fucked, but it is. It isn’t about a resounding defeat at the polls and then 45 has to leave. It isn’t even a resounding defeat for 45 and also all his back up ghouls, McConnell, Graham (Jesus Ball Punching Christ, Lindsey Graham. What the fuck has become of you, you spineless ball of earwax?), whoever… and then they have to leave, because he is going to sideline them anyway. Fuck it. Eventually they will be relegated to “I barely know the guy, he brought me coffee.” It’s already in play because even if there is no fucking way that he could win, he has put that rigged idea out there in destroying the post office. And it doesn’t matter if the excuse is flimsy as fuck, they’re going to cling to it. All of them. For him. For what?

For what indeed?

I don’t know. What do you do beside go through the motions at this point, and watch, and wait? Because we’re at this point where everything has simultaneously gone way too far but also there’s a long way to go to make things… stable again. Because a stable government? No, no, this isn’t it. It hasn’t been. And while the conditions were right for this sort of shit to start up, that was ages ago. I think this instability, this unwinding, is in the last two years new, and this is where the shit moves really fast. And I’m really worried about what this winter will look like. And spring. And should Biden and Harris walk through those doors in DC, they have a mess either way. Everyone in that job inherits a mess, obviously, it’s a hard, shitty job. But they have a mess. I hope Joe has kissed the idea of going back to “normal” good bye, because normal was clearly so fucked that it’ll just fuck us again in no time flat.

However it pans out over the next four years, it is going to be rough. Believe in something that isn’t just a label, please. Because sure, the wheels would still be coming off if Hillary were in office, but slower, I am sure. The wheels would still be coming off if it had been Gary Johnson, Republicans, and he was neither a Clinton nor whatever the fuck Trump is… but he was competent. He was fucking competent and capable of empathy (Don’t get me started on Jill Stein. She’s a dumbass and you’re a dumbass if you voted for her. Sorry. Fuck Jill Stein. Shit. I’m starting. No. Stop, get a hold of yourself.)

But now the wheels are pretty well departed and I think at least one of them is halfway down the hill. Don’t hook to a party, hook to an idea, hook to people you think can do the work to move in a direction and rebuild in a manner that’s going to be sustainable for where we are now. We aren’t just the area east of the Mississippi any longer. We aren’t thirteen colonies, and maybe we need to restructure shit so that we aren’t stretching the meaning of what worked (or didn’t, even) then to how it is now.

Putting aside differences doesn’t necessarily mean surrendering all you believe in. Okay? Pick your fucking battles, because I think most people agree on what hills are worth dying on when it all comes down to it.