Little Thoughts

Things of No Import

But fuck it, let’s say stuff.

Today I walked Bruce and we saw three deer. One let us get really close, like… “Deerfriend, you ought to be wearing a damn mask” close. That was kind of weird, but at least she wasn’t the one with antlers, so… (and I understand completely that she has teeth and hooves and muscles made for running and jumping. Bruce also understood this and I didn’t think he was going to go by. He gets spooky at things — fire hydrants in a certain light, random piles of Amazon shoebox size boxes. And deer, apparently.)

Yesterday we heard an owl. It was one of those tremolo rolling calls that screechies do. And hearing an owl, I am told, is like seeing an owl, because owls will not let you see them. I probably have fifty million owls peering in at me right now.

I also found a little… tree frog? Leopard frog? It probably was a tree frog. Paul thought it was. The frog popped on to the patio when I moved the hose. Since the hurricane/tropical storm/weirdest motherfucking storms ever, Isaias, came through the other day and blew shit down all over the place, there have been extra acorns and leaves all over, and I wonder if this little guy just felt displaced and decided to find a bunch of trees that weren’t going to concuss the fuck out of him.

We adopted Bruce in the beginning of November (more the last two days of October, but seriously close enough to make no difference) and he’s been a little rocky. He’s a good boy, he’s a sweet melty guy, and he loves people and he’s decent with most dogs but he must have had a weird start. He decided he wanted to murder Walter by the end of November, and poor Walt had a seizure (and Paul was away, and a big dog got into our yard, scared the fuck out of Bruce and was overly friendly and… it wasn’t good. It was a stray pittie mix, and looked a little rough. Again, not unfriendly, but not socialized, and probably at least 125 lbs and yeah… not good). So anyway, Bruce and Walt for some reason have a particularly “I don’t like that guy suddenly” relationship (probably because they are both so clingy). Only thing is Bruce is much younger, and Walt wasn’t accepting his older man status and kept picking at the scab on the relationship.

They’ve gotten better since the pandemic started. They almost like each other, and when shit does start, it is actually stoppable. Walt is on seizure and anxiety meds now, and Bruce has had some training and I think is starting to feel like he has a place. And Dee… Dee always wants a boy to play with her. And Walt finds her a little over much for his age… and Bruce didn’t get it.

Until last night. Bruce did a play bow, and Dee did one back, and Bruce looks like even more of a serial killer when he over emotes to play than when he does when he actually wants to murder. And Dee plays rough. Dee plays really rough. She is like a linebacker. It’s hilarious. So they played last night, albeit briefly, and Dee is the happiest girl.

So the rest of the world has had a crap week, and I feel it with you. Beirut… I am sorry. And I can’t imagine the situation there is going to be stable or nice or not increasingly deadly given the convergence of all sorts of stuff. And we have a raging death toll from a pandemic and a jackass in chief that says that it is what it is and can’t read the bar graphs his advisors let him color with Sharpies. And this means that we’re like… never going to be able to leave the state again. But hey, here’s a tip: if you are moving to a house, any house, anywhere… make sure it is a place that if you get sick and for the rest of your days are confined there… make sure it is a place close to a medical facility you know is reliable, and make sure it is a place that you can live with looking at the walls and out the windows for the rest of your days.

Even if you are healthy, approach everything through the eyes of someone who is chronically ill. I swear. If things turn around and if nothing ever befalls you, fanfuckingtastic, that’s genuinely awesome. But if it doesn’t… it’s nice to be near a good hospital and to have to remind the deer it isn’t polite to be closer than ten feet in this city if you’re both not wearing masks, thanks.