Little Thoughts

You Know What?

I am watching the shit happening at the bird feeder, and watching woodchucks run all over and realizing those fuckers climb trees, and jump, and swim, and are incredibly agile for looking like creatures an incredibly uncreative, uncoordinated child made out of clay and dryer lint.

Plus, they can contract rabies (rarely seems to happen, but it does…) and I saw this news story about the neighborhood woodchuck in some town in New Hampshire who was acting off… but it seriously ended with the footage of a grown ass man running from his truck to his house, and filming this thing with drool and foam and grass stuck all over its face as it scrambles at the door chomping its giant rodent teeth as he awaits animal control and probably the Vatican to do some exorcism type thing. Honestly, probably one of the most simultaneously sad, terrifying and hilarious news stories I’ve seen.

Agility skill is not a symptom of rabies, and we have several of these little fuckers in the yard, and they all act pretty normal, of course. One keeps coming and looking in the slider like he is asking for a cup of sugar or something, but then he takes off like he was shot from a chuck cannon when he notices us noticing him.  But between him, and the deer and that do much the same thing (seriously, perverts, all looking in windows!) I am just sort of glad we don’t have wild boars around.