Big Thoughts Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell

Time Is Linear, History Is Cyclical

And we are all dumbasses.

I’ve seen, more than a few times in the past two years or so, someone say, “If you ever wondered what the people in 1930s-era Berlin were thinking, now you know” or the variation of this: “If you ever wondered what you would have done then, it’s exactly what you are doing now.”

So, uh, my apologies to the people of 1930s-era Berlin, because now I realize that straight up what would have really had to happen to avoid the shit show you found yourselves in the middle of and somehow responsible for and yet largely unable to stop was travel back in time to have some smooth, persuasive, diplomatic soul batting for you at Versaille in 1917, either from your country or on your behalf at the table. Or perhaps a whole bunch more heartache (and what a stupid thing to collectively call a bunch of people playing genocide tag… heartache. Apologies. But when you look at the horror too closely you lose part of the larger picture, I think, in this case right now)… Perhaps a whole bunch more heartache could have been avoided if World War I could have been held at bay. (Forgive my Americanness. We don’t give nearly enough time in history classes to the First Great War. Certainly it wasn’t about the Archduke, not really. I know that. The teacher would tell us that it wasn’t the real reason, it was a pretense, a catalyst, for all these other reasons, and then there was some flailing of hands and mumbled stuff about “economics and colonialism” of countries who we really didn’t study enough to know jack or shit about the economic condition or status in the whole colonial/imperialism hierarchy because until then, the United States was a country obsessed with itself in a completely different way.)

I know two things: For one, going back and killing baby Hitler would have been fucking pointless. Two, we don’t have a time machine, so why the fuck do we keep bringing shit like that up?

Because here’s the deal… When did we need to go back to avoid where we are today? Before 9/11? Before NAFTA? Before Reagan? Back to Eisenhower? I don’t know. I mean, the whole fucking planet was broken when I got here. I think it’s been this way for a while.

I feel for the people of 1930s-era Berlin. Because I am sure they saw it coming and it almost doesn’t matter, especially when you keep being told the solution is to vote and say something. I know a lot of people who vote and say much the same shit I say, louder and more forcefully and with more reach for better impact and here we are. We are all trapped here watching a shitshow unfold but the time to stop it… really stop it, or at least minimize what I am kind of concerned is going to be (Jesus, am I actually saying this? Is this for fucking real?) a loss of life over and above what we have seen through government inaction over the pandemic, was back when we were infants.

So that horse kinda left the barn, eh? And while the Orange Guy in the Oval Office is a sad, senile pile of crap, that’s literally all he is. A guy in an office who is sad and incompetent and a complete buffoon, and he is symbolic. He is symbolic of a larger problem we all have. I didn’t vote for him, but he is still my problem, and your problem, and the whole fucking world’s problem, and popping him out of there like the pus filled center of the giant zit that is all that wrong with the country and the world and the human race in general is just going to remove a prominent oozy gross pus bubble from the problem, but we still have an infected, inflamed pile beneath.

I do not know what the answer is. I know, you came here because you were told I have all the answers. I’m sorry. Someone was evidently taking the piss on you with that one. All I know is it is good to study history. We’re still doomed to repeat it, because face it, we all have the attention spans of gnats anyway and we keep taking “repeat” very, very literally. But at least studying kinda replaces surprise with that sinking feeling earlier on, and maybe that can put us on the rails again faster, before too many cattle cars go over.

Jesus Sasquatch fucking Christ. This is a thing I just wrote about the United States. What on earth have we done? Also… vote. Even if might be pissing in the wind, show up. Do it. Please, care. We stop caring, then we’re done for.