Big Thoughts Little Thoughts


Science is magic. And magic is real. Depends on how creatively you look at the science being carried out.

Childbirth… Science can explain why it happens, but so can the “Alien” movie franchise and there are shitloads of puppets and special effects. And it is creepy as fuck, but also, holy shit, a miracle. We can explain it, and it is still a fucking miracle… it can be reproduced in a lab, you naughty scientists. (Is “Sexy Dr. Fauci” going to be a Halloween costume? No. I mean, hell, it should be, but Dr. Fauci says it is sexy to stay the fuck home. It is sexy to listen to Dr. Fauci.)

At any rate, we have a sign on our lawn, as do many people in the neighborhood because thank fucking Christ we called that right, saying a few things, including “science is real.” That one always makes me cry. I hoped having it on the lawn would not make me cry every time my eyes go over it, but I’ve kinda stopped giving a shit. There is someone up the street who has a “Water is all life” version under “science is real” and “Black Lives Matter” and let me tell you I am a motherfucking¬†mess when I walk past that house.

Am I going anywhere with this post? I don’t know, I put “Sexy Dr. Fauci” in your brain, so there’s that, right? I guess I don’t care over much, because I’m less doing this writing stuff for you than I am for me at the moment. Now, the fucking mask that makes me sweat and feels like it is just waiting shove a whole puberty’s worth of acne on my face? I wear that for you. I wear that¬†for you.¬†You should do that for someone else if you aren’t. Seriously. We are all so fucked as it is.