Little Thoughts

If I Had a Daughter

I would tell her that one day, you will find a couple seventeen inch hairs growing off your chin, and it’s okay. You’re not turning into a goat, and anyway… Goats are cool, they’re like extra smart, pointy dogs. Anyone who says otherwise can kindly fuck off.

And that’s why I have no children. The three pugs close as it gets. I would imagine children shed less than pugs, and if I tell Dee that she has chin hairs she’s kinda like “Uh. No shit.”


Little Thoughts

Forming the Habit

So, new laptop, and there’s this ephemeral message notification pop up and Jesus FUCK is that thing irritating. Thanks for telling me about the spam email trying to sell N95 masks for my pugs, motherfuckers.

We had to take one of the pugs to the doggy psychologist. I’m 87% sure the issue between Bruce (the murderpug) and Walter is my fault. Keeping records of the worst periods was helpful. The problem is that I can’t get involved in their fights as I make it worse sometimes even before they get real nasty. And I mean… it sounds funny, but it is fucking horrifying. There is blood and the potential for eye loss and in one case leg amputation (I think the vet was driving the point home that the fight going so far was abnormal. And dog mouths are gross.) At any rate, they are doing a lot better now.  We put Walter on an anti anxiety medication (because he was also part of the problem) and so he’s way less obsessive than he was, which kinda helped Bruce turn down the murderpug level.

Yeah, so anyway, all that lead up to say Bruce has a muzzle and a pug in a muzzle looks like he is in a luchadore mask or dressed like Hannibal Lechter. I prefer luchadore. He is a lovely little dog but we don’t know exactly where he came from and he’s pretty intense and hard to read.

Nothing deep here at the moment. Just trying to reacquaint myself with the notion of doing this on a daily basis or thereabouts. A more responsive, less massive laptop and/or a larger tablet with a keyboard is helpful in getting the job done. I have a lot of shit to say of probably relatively mild interest, but I never really got past the “instead of composing in my head I should just turn on the fucking computer and go write it” and truthfully, the tablet got manky and tablet keyboards are a massive pain in the ass.

You can be pretty sure I am not blogging from the toilet. Pretty sure.

Big Thoughts Intentionally Paving the Road to Hell

Well, this is awkward

You know, I tried to pick up blogging again a few months ago and then some unspeakable shit happened on the host account and it all disappeared, which is dumb and I sure hope the hackers have a fuckton of fun with my incoherent ramblings and some stuff Paul had up (which was arguably more useful, but not to whoever busted in and caused mayhem. It would have been useful to not just blink out of existence. I guess the upside is no one got hurt by it and I just swore a lot, so I guess it was mainly like, ‘Hey, it’s Tuesday.’ At least with the swearing.)

Some part of me is paranoid that a similar incident will happen again, but truthfully, probably it won’t because the whole incident was just… dumb. At the very least, if you’re trying to stick some kind of malicious thing on a server, you shouldn’t make it so obvious that it’s there by… removing everything else?  Truth is, I didn’t want to think on it too hard because it just pissed me off, and my old laptop was giving me the heebie jeebies. (I have a new laptop. A new to me laptop. You don’t know this though because you can’t see me and also probably don’t know what my previous iterations of laptop looked like. It had wind turbines for fans and worked reasonably well, but at eight years old… We have neighbors with kids who are half its age.)

So I don’t feel quite as heebie jeebieieie, and I went through and made sure the evil was off the web host as much as the host allows such things, which isn’t much, but right now it’s paid for for a while so I’m going to shut up and back away slowly before I say too much.

A lot has changed, which was the upshot of the half started but not really re-start. I didn’t have a new laptop then. That’s new new. But I am in a different house in a nearby city than I was the, uh, eight years ago I last blogged anything. I still suck, so that’s the same. We’ve had some doggy and people turnover in our lives, which is both to be expected because time is a giant motherfucking asshole and also still really sucks.

I don’t want to end on a note of the sad, because you know, pandemic and a fucking madman running the country at the moment (or not running. Ruining. Ruining it.)… so I guess… Our new yard has deer in it, and the house has minisplit ductless air conditioning and I wonder why the hell I didn’t have ductless air conditioning in my life sooner because I would have been a lot less existentially dready about summer in that case.


Testing as to why this is being such a douchebonnet

Because last I checked (which was arguably like seven thousand years ago) this wasn’t supposed to raise my blood pressure this much.